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Mindfulness & Meditation Course

Our 6-week in-studio and online course provides a framework and support for a daily, home meditation practice.

Meditation session in Yogalogy East Finchley

Thoughts, emotions, and feelings can be beautiful human qualities that intersect and form the luminous tapestry of our consciousness. Yet within most of our lifetimes, we receive little training on how to meet our mental and emotional states when they stubbornly keep us up at night or cause undue stress, anxiety and worry. If the demands on our mental life go unchecked, we can easily feel overwhelmed, disheartened and exhausted by the responsibilities and demands in our daily lives.


Mindfulness meditation is a practice that cultivates and trains our capacity to meet all we experience, whether enlivening or grim, with less reactivity and greater responsiveness, less anxiety and/or tension and greater wisdom, insight and compassion. Through the practice of mindfulness we can learn to shift habits and conditioned patterns that no longer serve us. We can also begin cultivating skills that foster greater ease, freedom and kindness in our lives.


This 6 weeks course will aim to provide a framework and support for a daily, home meditation practice.


The course starts from Tuesday 22nd of Feb, 7:30pm both in person and online and runs for 6 weeks.

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