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This package includes:

- 3 yoga classes per week which will be fitted to your schedule 
- A detailed meal plan and nutritional pack 
- weekly yoga and meditation workshops
- Daily reminders to keep you motivated
- A large amount of online material (audios for meditation and video content for yoga) so you can keep up with the practice on the days you are not coming to the studio. 
- Connection to a community of like-minded people with similar aspiration

If you want to be part of this exciting experience please sign up here:

6-Week Yoga and Meditation Transformation Challenge

We are Pleased to introduce you to our 6-week Yoga and meditation transformation Challenge.  This challenge is designed and put together because we know how useful practicing yoga and meditation is for transforming our perspective in life, our minds and our bodies.

 This course is suitable for anybody who want to kick start a new habit in their life and are determined to live and seek a better self.The practice of yoga and meditation can be an indispensable tool in our toolkit for dealing with the challenges, the ups and downs of life. 

We understand that breaking old habits are not easy, so through this challenge we will provide the support and tools you need to take the first step toward your goals. We will choose 15 participants with a similar mindset through an interview process and make sure to create synergy and support throughout the programme. If you don't want to miss the chance please sign up now!

We understand you might have a busy day to day schedule so all yoga classes will be scheduled according to your time table and workshops will be held on Sunday afternoons.

Also we have a nutrition specialist on board as well should you need any extra advice. If you are interested please sign up for the challenge. We will review your information and will let you know if you are selected to participate in the next round.

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