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Have you ever suffered from chronic pain? Know someone close who has felt disabled because their back or neck pain just couldn't allow them to function? We all agree pain is a universal human experience. We can handle it to a certain extent, but when chronic pain persists it causes us continuous suffering.
Eventually, it may cost us time and money, or worse – it can lead to the avoidance of participating in our crucial daily activities – going to work, enjoying free time with our loved ones.
How does this incite effect our perception of pain? How does it affect our yoga practice, or our students' yoga practice? In our active, Asana and knowledge combined Yoga workshop with Inbal Dori-Kelder, we'll reveal the fascinating, new and growing field of medicine and physiotherapy called "Explained Pain".
Together, we'll undercover the mechanisms of pain in our brain, and how we can treat ourselves - becoming our own musculoskeletal doctors.
Inbal is a developmental physiotherapist (BPT), specializing in chronic pain and rehabilitation, as well as the proper development of babies; BA in psychology and Education; Advanced Yoga & MBSR Teacher (Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction), manager and lead teacher of four Anahata Yoga Teacher Training courses in Israel.
Inbal's biggest hobby is to share knowledge and tools that can help improve people's quality of life, through workshops around the world – Netherlands, Denmark, US, Israel and the UK.

Saturday 07/03/2020,  14:00-16:30

 Investment: £25

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Asana & Managing Chronic Pain